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Animated ABC’s Coloring Book & Letter Printing Practice for Early Primaries‘ is an imaginary ‘cartoon-like’ letter-shaped ABC characters, where young children not only get to color, but also practice printing upper and lower case letters. Each large animated letter has large names just above the coloring box area (like April Angel, Bouncing, etc.)

Children that are just learning to read will want to know the names of each silly-looking letter, which should prompt their parent(s), guardian(s) to get engaged in helping the child learn new words (including hard and soft C and G sounds as in: “Catcher Cindy” and “Giggling Gina”.

Both male and female, and racially-diverse as characters are depicted without demeaning features. “Catcher Cindy” is an example of a female baseball catcher.

This is a fun early primary book, read for Kindergarten teachers, suitable for older day care children, or for children taking a break from TV, or tablets.